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Why advising in hospitality?                                                                                                                

I, Lucy Geurtsen, have always had a great passion for the hospitality industry, with a lot of experience in all hospitality disciplines. I would like to share this broad experience and passion with you and your organization.

Why share this experience?

When I started with the hospitality industry, it was sometimes trial and error to survive the hospitality business, this always succeeded through sometimes hard and wise lessons. Looking back, it would have been easier if an expert by experience had also stood next to me at these moments.
This is the main reason that drives me to help and keep others for complex situations that can be solved well and easily.

From the realization of a better customer experience to improvements in the kitchen, everything comes through an extensive upgrade checklist, which has always resulted in improving and successful changes to my references.

Every wish is tailored to a suitable budget, so that it is also bearable for both small and medium-sized companies in terms of capacity, because money should never stand in the way of success, so that everyone can and may develop in the beautiful catering trade.

The Ostrich with international experience in catering advice and coaching always strives for the best quality and the best service for you and your guests!